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Safeguarding Information


Safeguarding each and every pupil in our school is our number one priority. Safeguarding is everyone's business and as a community school we pride ourselves on how well we build relationships with our pupils and their families, as well as the support we provide to go over and above for our children. 

Our school is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of each and every one of our children. Leaders in our school ensure that all staff have up-to-date training in Safeguarding and Child Protection and how to effectively support pupils when they disclose sensitive information to us. Records of training are expected and training revisited on a regular basis to ensure all remain up to date. All new staff to school undertake an induction process to ensure they are clear on school policy and procedures. 

Our pupils are made aware through posters around the school and regular assemblies of who they can talk to when they feel they need support. All staff are trained to look out for signs of physical and emotional harm or neglect and are required to report these to the Designated Safeguarding Leads within the school. 

The school adopts Pembrokeshire model Safeguarding policy, as well as following guidance documentation provided by Welsh Governement. In our Policies section, you will also be able to find information regarding our processes to ensure safer recruitment, as well as policies and plans that focus on the physical environment of our sites to ensure all learners are safe at all times when in school. 

Our children and staff have the following posters on each site to support them with knowing who they can talk to if needed: 

Prioryville Site:                                              Meads Site:

Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is the collaborative working between police forces and schools in Wales. Operation Encompass aims to inform schools as soon as possible of any child who attends the school that they may have been witness to or subjected to Domestic Violence. We have designated trained staff who utilise the information shared with us to ensure effective emotional support is put in place at the earliest opportunities to ensure the child/ren are supported.

Please see below our Safeguarding Policy: