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Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher - Mr Stephen Thomas

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Suzanne Williams

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Rachel Thomas

Business Manager - Mrs Marion Sizer

Progression Step 3 Lead and Maths and Numeracy - Mr Ricky Bowen

Progression Step 2 Lead and ICT - Mrs Julie Rawlings


Administrative Team:

Mrs Julia John (Family Liasion Officer)

Mrs Terri Draper

Mrs Bethan David (Family Engagement Officer)

Mrs Lisa Phillips


Site Management Team:

Mrs Bonnie Stapelton (Site Manager)

Mr Richard Kynaston

Mr David Humpreys 


Year 6 Team:


Mrs Rhian Johnson (Year group lead)

Mr Ricky Bowen

Miss Emma Hamilton

Mrs Kayleigh Roberts


Year 5 Team:


Mrs Jane Stewart-Walvin (Year group lead)

Mr Andrew Deacon


Year 4 Team:


Mrs Tracey Davies (Year group lead)

Miss Lucy Neale

Mr Daniel Rawlings


Year 3 Team:

Miss Zoe Jenkins (Year group lead)

Miss Rhia Howells

Mrs Carrie Malvisi

Mrs Caroline Woods



Year 2 Team:

Mrs Jeanne Shaw (Year group lead)

Mrs Hannah Sayers




Year 1 Team:

Mrs Julie Rawlings (Year group lead)

Miss Sophie Thomas



Reception Team:

Mrs Kate Smart (Year group lead)

Mrs Abby Holmes



Nursery Team:

Mrs Nicola Warlow





Poppit Sands Nurture and Intervention Prioryville:

Mrs Lisa Johnson

Mrs Donna Day


Starfish Nurture and Intervention Meads:

Mrs Sarah Knight (HLTA)

Mrs Lucy Bowles

Miss Hannah Taylor


Peripatetic Teacher:

Mr Gareth Swanders-Swale



Support Team:

Mrs Naomi Dunnion

Mrs Amelia Jones

Miss Alex Norman



Support Team:

Mrs Nicola Whitby

Mrs Beatrice O'Donaghue



Support Team:

Mrs Paula Harteveld

Mrs Sharon Pulford

Mrs Caroline Armstrong 

Mrs Jo Rees


Support Team:

Mrs Jackie Taylor

Mrs Stacey Davies

Mrs Nicola Owen

Mrs Ceri Block

Mrs Lynne Hicks


Support Team:

Mrs Gemma Bateman (Learning Zone Lead)

Mrs Pam Coombes

Miss Emily Hamer

Miss Amber Ashworth


Support Team:

Mrs Caroline Bateman (Learning Zone Lead)

Mrs Michelle Murdoch

Mrs Lydia Perkins


Support Team:

Mrs Claire Davies (Learning Zone Lead)

Miss Georgina Smith

Miss Lianna Davies


Support Team:

Mrs Debbie Marchant

Mrs Mary-Anne Pearce

Miss Lucy Allen

Mrs Babs Mason