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Our vision starts by stating 'We aim to create an inclusive school'. This means everyone is welcome at Milfrod Haven Community Primary School and we will always do our best to ensure our pupils, staff, Governors, parents and visitors are treaty fairly, feel included and provided what they need to access our school. 

Please note that if you or someone accompanying you to the school has a disability you are welcome to park in the staff car park, where there is accessible parking bays available, closer to our main school entrance to access the building. If you require assistance to enter the building or additional consideration during events please let us know, and we will make arrangements to enable your safe and comfortable access, time in the building, and exit.

Our Prioryville site is accessible via the Main Entrance doors and is all one level making ensuring ease of access. Our Meads site is accessible via the Main Entrance and there are ramps to support access to the upper floor of the building. The school also has one portable disabled ramp, located on our Meads site.

Please see below our Strategic Equality Plan to improve accessibility to our curriculum and internal/external environments for all involved within our school.